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  Prospective Clients

We reach across all industries throughout the U.S.: automotive dealerships, restaurants, retailers, banks, health & fitness clubs, weight loss clinics, insurance agencies, financial institutions and etc.

As many companies take advantage of rigorous employee training programs without knowing the specific areas where training is actually warranted, not knowing those specific areas, could be a waste of your employees’ time as well as your company’s money. Instead, we work hands-on, anonymously assessing as many customer related areas as possible.

In doing so, we first create a scenario as sort of a “role play” which we encompass into secret shopper guidelines for each secret/mystery shopper to adhere to during their visit. Our secret/mystery shoppers are professionally groomed to act like ordinary customers, clients, or patrons while remaining anonymous, but yet with their eyes and ears on all the right details. Then, all those factual details and findings are passed along to you in the form of a full evaluation report with a score.

  Request information on how you can have a FREE mystery shop performed on any one of your U.S. company locations. The worse that can happen for letting us perform a FREE mystery shop is that afterwards, you realize you need us to help you excel to the next level of excellence, and we look forward to doing it!
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