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  Role of A Mystery Shopper

In order to apply to become a mystery shopper, you must know exactly what mystery shopping entails which you may or may not already know.  After you have filled out an online application, you will be given a 15 question quiz which you must pass with 100% in addition to 2 short writing samples in order to become one of our shoppers.  You must carefully read all of the following in order to successfully pass the quiz.

The role of a mystery shopper is very important because mystery shoppers help our clients analyze the strengths and weaknesses of their customer service areas.  What our shoppers uncover enables our clients to better monitor the effectiveness of their staff in terms of quality of service being rendered in an effort to see if any remedial action such as a training program should be initiated.

Your role will be that of a typical customer/client/patron and you are to never reveal that you are a mystery shopper or mention the Woods Group Inc. on any of your shops unless otherwise stated in your shopper guidelines.  You must remain anonymous, observant, honest, and professional at all times.  These are the four most important facets of your role.  You are to anonymously and discretely gather inside information on the types of customer service being rendered. Your eyes and ears must always be on details. You must also be dependable and reliable.  Frequent cancellation of shops and/or not showing up for an already scheduled shop, will result in you being terminated from our mystery shopping services.  A shopper cannot shop the same store location within 60 days of completing a shop at that location.  You must always come to shops prepared having already read the shopper guidelines and questionnaire reporting form prior to your visit so that you will know just what specifics you are to look for.  If after reading the shopper guidelines there is anything you are unsure of, you are to either email or call the shop scheduler for clarity.  Shoppers are to document their findings, but never on the premises where shop is being performed.  You must be objective at all times as fact finding is the key to mystery shopping.  Our clients expect nothing more than factual observances and not biased or unbiased opinion.

After your shop visit, your findings are to then be inputted by way of an online questionnaire (the same one you were to look at prior to your shop) that must be submitted online no later than 24 hours after the shop has been performed.  The questionnaire must never be taken with you on the site location and you are to never write notes about the shop at the location either.  You must take thorough detailed notes outside away from the shop location right after completing the shop in order to accurately answer each question on the questionnaire form.  We suggest that you keep your notes for at least 90 days in case our client has any questions regarding your audit report.  Your online report must be properly written with as much detailed information and explanations as possible.  The use of proper grammar, punctuation and spelling is a must.  Our clients expect nothing less than efficiency.  Please proof  read your report before submitting.  After submitting, shopper must be available within the next 72 hours either by email or phone in case any questions arise regarding your report.  Provided there are no discrepancies with either shop or submitted audit report, shopper payment will mailed within 30 days after the shop is completed.  It is of the utmost importance that you keep your shopper profile current in order that payments are mailed to the correct address.   

If at anytime a shopper’s integrity is questioned e.g., shopper may not have actually shown up for a shop after completing an online report, WGI has a right to investigate shop in question.  If investigation reveals that shop did not in fact take place, shopper will not receive payment and will be terminated from WGI’s shopping services.  WGI expects nothing less than honesty and integrity from each of our shoppers. 

If you think that you can remain anonymous, objective, dependable, honest, professional, utilize good writing skills and can pass the 15 question quiz with a writing sample, then you should be excited as we are about becoming a mystery shopper for the Woods Group Inc.


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